The Blackwolf Huntress Formula to Compliment Workout Process of the Women

The workout need is different for the men and women. While the main intention of men to work out is getting a body of an alpha male, the women mostly want to shred the extra calories so that they are not called ‘Overweight’.

In this case, if the body need is different in case of men and women, why should you use the same workout supplement as men?

The diet plan and workout supplement also must be different for men and women. If you are heading to the gym so that you can fit into your beachwear till your next vacation, can the supplement designed for men help you in achieving that? In this case, you need something special with your workout so that you can get in the desired shape to fit in your beachwear.

Blackwolf Hunter

Here comes the workout supplement named Blackwolf Huntress. It is scientifically designed for the women so that they could get maximum benefit from their workout session. It is designed to understand the body of the women, so that you could get the specialized care for your body.

Do you know?

Although this fact is not proven, it is believed that a man loses weight faster than a woman. The physiological factors are different which cause a difference in weight loss program.

The lean muscles mass are more in a man’s body than a woman. The level of testosterone hormone is also more compared to a woman. These Muscles help in burning more calories. It also helps in keeping the balance between muscle and fat. Thus, the fat burning process is faster in a man rather than a woman.

The metabolism rate is faster in men rather than women. By having almost 5-10 % metabolism rate, the men can eat a lot without gaining much weight, while you can gain weight even if you are surviving on the air and the water.

The body fat percentage is higher in a woman. Thus, your body stores much fat compared to the men. The men and women also have different fat distribution in their body. Men tend to gain more weight in their middle section. The body of a women stores excess fat in the bottom, lower abdomen, hips, and thighs.

The cravings of the body are also different in men and women. like in depression, women consume foods and chocolate, while men prefer Alcohol. The cravings of carbohydrates are more in women, while the men crave Proteins. Although Carbohydrates are slightly easier to digest than heavy protein foods, it turns to fat more easily.

The hormone for hunger is also more active in women than a man. The ghrelin hormone, which sends the brain the signal of hunger, is more active in women. Thus, a woman feels hungrier after a heavy workout session rather than a man.

Why is this product suitable for you?

Basically, from the above facts, we get to know that the body of a woman is more prone to gain weight rather than the men. So, in this case, what can you do?

As the demand of your body is different from the men, the workout system must be different. The Same rule must be followed in case of workout drinks. The Blackwolf Huntress pack is designed with formulas specially made for women. It gives you three different workout formulas to balance your need,

Black wolf Trail

Black wolf Trail is the pre-workout formula which supplies you energy to head on to the gym. The elements like Whey protein isolate, L-Valine, Vitamins B5, B6, E, C together pumps the energy in your body. It also helps you mentally in becoming focused for the upcoming heavy workout. It also possesses the antioxidant properties which help in eliminating the harmful radicals which can be produced during the workout.

Black wolf Hunt

The Black wolf Hunt is the intra-workout formula. It mainly maintains the level of energy in your body, so that you can continue with your workout session in an uninterrupted manner. The elements like L-Leucine, Taurine, L-Valine, Isoleucine, Creatine Monohydrate, Co Enzyme Q10 are present in the Black wolf Hunt which keeps your mind focused and body energized during the workout.

Black wolf Eliminate

Black wolf Eliminate is the post-workout formula. It mainly helps in eliminating the fatigue from your body after a heavy work-out session. The elements like valine, isoleucine, Leucine, essential minerals, Vitamin C and E are present in Black Wolf Eliminate which can eliminate fatigue from your body.

So, basically, The pre-workout formula provides physical and mental energy to hit the gym. The Intra-Workout formula maintains a level of energy during the workout. The post-workout formula helps your body to fight the fatigue and regain your energy.

Blackwolf Huntress at a glance





creatine monohydrate

Isoleucine, Taurine, Creatine Monohydrate, Co Enzyme Q10, Selenium,

Green Tea Leaves Extract

Xantham Gum, Stevia Extract Vitamins B6 and B5, Vitamins C and E, whey protein isolate

zinc and selenium

Created for


Black Wolf Workout Premium pack consists

Black Wolf Trail

BlackWolf Hunt

BlackWolf Eliminate

Side Effects

No (following the informations and steps given in the guidebook)

Daily Dosage

Daily 3 times, before, during and after workout.

Black Wolf Trail—Before workout

BlackWolf Hunt ---During Workout

BlackWolf Eliminate --- Post Workout

Black Wolf Workout Premium pack Includes

1 packs of Black Wolf Trail,

BlackWolf Hunt, and BlackWolf Eliminate

Along with that 700 ml shaker and essential workout guides free with every Black Wolf huntress package



Cost (For one premium Pack)



Unopened items are taken back until after 14 days of order.

Some important Ingredients of Blackwolf Huntress:


This nonessential amino acid mostly transfers the fatty acids of the body into an element named mitochondria. This element helps in turning the fatty acids into energy very fast. The amino acid compound is related to the B-Vitamin, thus L-carnitine can also be named as Vitamin BT. Apart from initiating the elimination of the fats from your body, L-carnitine helps your body with fighting the fatigue. As a result, this element restores your energy after a heavy workout session. It enhances the fat metabolism of your body and acts as an important appetite suppressant.


L-Valine is an essential amino acid which your body requires for soothing your nervous system and improving your cognitive function. It gets absorbed by your muscles and it supplies them energy. As a workout supplement, L-Valine is essential for your muscle growth, muscle repair, and muscle maintenance during or after your workout


Taurine is another amino acid which regulates the water level of your body as well as the mineral level, it can also function as an antioxidant. Taurine can reduce the oxidative stress caused by the heavy workout. Therefore, it also helps in enhancing the performance during your workout. It also helps in breaking down your dietary fats.

Beta alanine

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid which helps in creating the element carnosine in your body. The element carnosine helps in increasing muscle strength. During your workout session, Beta-alanine helps your body in fighting the fatigue and protects your muscles from acidity. It increases strength in your body, as a result, your muscles burns more fat at your body. Therefore, Beta alanine increases muscle power and it helps your body to burn more calories.

Zinc and selenium

Selenium is a trace mineral which regulates the function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is directly linked with weight management as it controls the release of the hormones. Selenium also acts as an antioxidant which controls the free radicals within your body. It eliminates harmful toxins from your body, which ultimately results in fat burning from your body.

On the other hand, Zinc is an essential element of your body which helps in weight loss, especially with the people with obesity. It also helps in eliminating harmful toxins from your body, which results in weight loss.

The other essential ingredients of Blackwolf Huntress which help in regulating the benefit from your workout are,

  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Green Tea Leaves Extract
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Isoleucine,
  • Taurine,
  • Creatine Monohydrate,
  • Co Enzyme Q10
  • Xantham Gum,
  • Stevia Extract
  • Vitamins B6 and B5
  • Vitamins C and E

These elements of Black wolf Huntress are arranged properly so that it can back-up your workout session without causing any side-effects to your body.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Black wolf Huntress

  • Black wolf Huntress is specially designed for the woman to get the special benefits from their workout.
  • The ingredients of Black wolf Huntress are mostly natural or scientifically proven ingredients , which back up your body in the course of the workout without any side effects.
  • It increases your energy and boosts your strength, so that you can take over the course of heavy work-out.
  • It helps in improving your focus, and eliminates fatigue from your body and mind after a heavy dose of workout.
  • The Black wolf Huntress also boosts the metabolism rate of your body, so that the stored fat of your body burns at a rapid rate.

How to get this product

The best place to buy this product is definitely the official website of this product. The Black wolf Huntress pack consists three workout formulas, Black wolf Trail, Black wolf Hunt, and Black wolf Eliminate along with the free shaker and a guide for the workout. The whole pack is available on the website in just $82.95. This product ships free to initiate and encourage you to hit the gym as soon as possible.