Testo-Max, the safe Testosterone Booster unlike the Anabolic Steroid Sustanon

Testo-max Pills

What is the driving force of the muscle building? Well, it’s definitely the hormone testosterone. The hormone testosterone increases stamina so that you can get in the heavier workout to get the body you desire. Now, what actually is the hormone testosterone? How does it work? Let’s have a look,

The hormone testosterone

The hormone testosterone is very important for the proper function of the human body, especially for men.

Men require testosterone for the healthy body in a higher amount than the women. Testosterone is one of the Hormones that enhance the performance. It can also be described as the most important hormone for enhancing performances.

In the segment of bodybuilding, the adequate levels of testosterone are required for a smooth progress. Your bodybuilding goals cannot be met without increasing the testosterone levels in your body. To increase the testosterone level beyond its natural production, you need to understand this hormone.

As it is an essential Hormone, it regulates many functionalities of your body. It keeps your sex drive normal, promotes fat loss, help in building lean muscle mass.

Apart from the bodybuilding traits, it also increases your bone density and keeps away the heart diseases.

The main reason men use testosterone booster for having better levels of testosterone. A good level testosterone help in burning body fats, developing more muscle mass to have a perfect body. It helps in improving sleep; it gives a lift to your mood. It acts a positive drive for your libido and ensures a chance of a better life. After 30, the production of Testosterone starts declining. For some men, it can appear even before the time limit. As a result, men can experience difficulty in sexual activity, a lower muscular density, fatigue and low stamina, which can greatly affect your physical performance.

The synthetic Testosterone supplements or the Anabolic steroid Sustanon

The Anabolic steroid Testosterone is also known by the name of Sustanon. Testosterone or Sustanon is the synthetic version of the testosterone hormone produced by your body. All traits of Testosterone Hormone don’t change in its synthetic form. Testosterone or Sustanon carries strong anabolic properties to give strong benefits of the natural hormone produced by the body. Thus the testosterone is often called as the father of all anabolic steroids.

The most common effects of the anabolic steroid Testosterone are:

This synthetic version of the Hormone is mostly used for the enhancement physical and the athletic performance. It initiates the strength and endurance of your body so that you can do better in the sports and the heavy work-out sessions. It also initiates the faster regeneration in your body.

It also helps in building up good physique. It takes an active part in the muscle buildup and promotes the effective fat loss. Testosterone increases the endurance of your body by increasing the production of the red blood cells. Along with the boost in red blood cells, the oxygen also increases in the blood. This activity boosts the endurance of your body and it can also boost the efficiency of the muscle tissue.

Testosterone supplements decrease the timing of recovery after a heavy workout session. Thus, you can take up the heavier workout to burn more calories and build the lean muscles.

The increased endurance level of your body helps you to be activated in more ways, like getting indulge in the heavy workout sessions. The testosterone supplement also helps in increasing the protein synthesis. The increased level of Protein helps in building healthier muscle tissue. It also protects the muscles even when you are on diet.

Another very important part of the testosterone supplement is the nitrogen retention. The retention of Nitrogen helps in building the healthy muscle blocks of the body.

The negative effect of Testosterone

The large part of the side-effects of testosterone supplement occurs due to the buildup of estrogen. After entering the body, the testosterone converts into estrogen. The increased level of testosterone increases the level of estrogen. Thus, the probability of negative reactions increases with your dosage of testosterone supplement.

The increased level of estrogen often causes the problems like Gynecomastia, Water Retention or Bloating, High LDL Cholesterol which is a bad Cholesterol along with the Lower level of good HDL Cholesterol. It can also cause the High Blood Pressure.

The term Gynecomastia signifies the abnormal development of the breast tissue in a male body. Due to high estrogen levels, your breast tissues are can get enlarged. Thus, an abnormal growth of the breasts can be seen among the men.

The rise of testosterone level by artificial supplements can increase the aggression. While you are taking this supplement, the tendency of overreacting can be seen in you.

Along with the supply of the synthetic Testosterone, your sex drive can heighten. After you have stopped taking the supplement, your sex-drive can be decreased.

A safe alternative of Testosterone

Along with the age, the production of natural hormone Testosterone decreases. Here comes the usage of synthetic testosterone, or the testosterone supplements. These supplements keep the level of testosterone balanced in your body, but in what cost?

Along with the benefits of the testosterone supplements, the side effects of these supplements cannot be ignored. Is there any product which can give all the benefits of the Anabolic steroid testosterone or Sustanon, without its side effects?

The Crazy bulk product Testo-Max is the healthy alternative of the synthetic testosterones. The effects of Testo-Max can be described as,

  • The first and foremost effect of the testosterone is the growth of the muscle. The effect of Testo Max is similar in the case of muscle growth. Testo Max effectively promotes protein synthesis; it is a natural process which helps in building the muscles.
    Muscle growth is heavily dependent on the workout process. Along with your heavy weight lifting, your body will react by introducing bigger and heavier muscles so that you can handle the muscle growth. A healthy protein synthesis supports and promotes this muscle growth.
  • Testo-Max decreases your recovery time so you can do heavy workouts and build bigger muscles in a short time.
  • The testosterone level gets lower along with the age. This fact heavily contributes to the decrease of their sex drive. Decrease of sex-drive can result into sustaining an erection.
    The one great reason of intaking Sustanon is to boost the sex drive. However, instead of increasing, it can reduce your sex drive.In that matter, Testo Max gives a significant lift to your libido. Along with the older men; the younger generation can also use this product for increasing their sex drive.
  • It boosts your stamina and gives you energy; as a result, the staying power gets improved. Your erections also last longer than usual. Along with the increase in your libido, the power of your orgasms also gets increased.


The usage of Testosterone is very important in ever stack of bodybuilding. So the Testo-Max is stacked with various kinds of supplements for the best benefits.

For Bulking Stack, it is stacked with D-Bal, DecaDuro Trenorol, For Cutting Stack, it is stacked with Anvarol, Winsol and Clenbutrol.

For the Growth Hormone Stack it is stacked with HGH-X2, DecaDuro and D-Bal and ultimately for the Strength, it is stacked with Clenbutrol, Trenorol, Anvarol and D-Bal.

Testo-Max at a glance

Main used as

Natural supplement of Testosterone


Tribulus Terrestris
D-aspartic acid
fenugreek extract
Ginserg Extract
Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5
Vitamin D3

Main Functions

Building Muscles
Providing Strength and Stamina
Healthy Sex drive

Used as the Alternative of

synthetic testosterone or Anabolic-steroid Sustanon


For Bulking Stack

D-Bal, DecaDuro , Trenorol

For Cutting Stack

Anvarol, Testo-Max , Winsol , Clenbutrol

For Growth Hormone Stack

HGH-X2 , DecaDuro , D-Bal

For Strength Stack

Clenbutrol, Trenorol , Anvarol , D-Bal

Daily Dosage

3 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast

Produced and marketed by


Price Per bottle


Why should you use Testo-Max for a supplement of the Testosterone

The Testosterone supplement or sustanon can be used with a proper prescription of your doctor. Thus, the usage of Testo Max is more preferable. As Testo Max is legal, it can be purchased anytime from anywhere, you can also order it online.

Huge side effects are associated with the synthetic testosterone or sustanon. The side-effects can include loss of sex drive, mood swings, depression, vomiting, irritability, nervousness, headache and in some severe case, the prostate cancer. In that matter, Testo-Max comes with zero or no side-effects.

The ingredients of Testo-Max are completely natural. The ingredients used are,

Tribulus Terrestris

D-aspartic acid

fenugreek extract

Ginserg Extract


Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5

Vitamin D3


So, it can give you all the benefits of testosterone without any side-effects.

5 reasons to use Testo-Max

1.Testo Max promotes the protein synthesis and helps in building lean muscles.

2.Testo Max is effective and side-effect free in compare to the synthetic testosterone supplement. It gives all the benefits of Anabolic-steroid sustanon.

3. Testo Max is effective in building the muscle mass and an increase in the physical strength.

4.Testo Max helps in building a permanent structure of your body. The benefits of your workout don’t end after you have stopped using it.

5. Testo Max helps in boosting the libido and promotes a healthy sex drive.

From where to buy this products?

Testo Max helps in keeping the testosterone level of your body better, in a healthy and legal way. You don’t need any prescription or permission to buy this product. The best way to get this product is the official website of Crazy bulk. One bottle of Testo Max costs $59.99, along with the special discount offered on the website of Crazy bulk.